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What to do in Valle del Elqui

Actualizado: 26 jul 2023

Discover the Magic of the Elqui Valley: A Paradise in Chile

Welcome to one of Chile's most fascinating valleys! In this post, I'll take you on an unforgettable journey through the famous Elqui Valley in the Coquimbo region.

Known for its wine production, flourishing agriculture, and being the home of Gabriela Mistral, this picturesque valley enchants everyone who visits.

Just a 30-minute drive from La Serena, you'll find the starting point of the valley, where you'll immerse yourself in an oasis of marvelous landscapes, vast meadows, and clear skies.

Here, you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy an atmosphere of total relaxation.

Additionally, this place is attributed with healing powers and alternative therapies such as Reiki, meditation, and massages.

Get ready for a transformative experience!

Now, let me show you some of the highlights you can't miss during your visit to the Elqui Valley.


Let yourself be seduced by the flavors and aromas of the valley.

Here, you'll find the most important Pisco producers in the country.

Don't miss the opportunity to take a tour with a tasting at one of the production wineries.

You'll learn about the entire process, from grinding to bottling, and immerse yourself in the Pisco culture.

An unparalleled sensory experience awaits you!


The clear skies of the Elqui Valley offer a privileged view of the stars and the Milky Way.

The Mamalluca Observatory, Chile's first tourist observatory, gives you the opportunity to explore the universe and marvel at the beauty of the cosmos.

You can make a reservation in advance or join an astronomical tour that includes transportation and a snack.

The experience will truly be out of this world!


If you're looking for a connection with nature, visit the Puclaro Reservoir.

Take a trek to Cerro El Molle and enjoy panoramic views of the reservoir and its mountainous surroundings.

Additionally, the reservoir is an ideal place for kitesurfing.

You'll find kitesurfing schools along the reservoir, where you can learn and enjoy this thrilling activity.


You can't miss a visit to the Gabriela Mistral Museum, an emblematic place that represents the essence of the Elqui Valley and the life of the famous Chilean poet.

Explore Gabriela Mistral's birthplace, tour the museum, and discover the history and work of this renowned writer. Immerse yourself in the cultural legacy of the area and be inspired by her poetry.


If you're in La Serena, don't worry, you can still visit the Elqui Valley! Join a day tour that will take you to explore the charming villages of the Elqui Valley.

The tour starts in the center of La Serena and lasts approximately 9 hours. During the journey, you'll enjoy beautiful views, travel safely, and receive exceptional attention.

The itinerary includes visits to picturesque villages in the valley, a stop at the Puclaro Reservoir to admire its beauty and explore local craft stalls, and a visit to the city of Vicuña, dedicated to Gabriela Mistral. In Vicuña, you can stroll through the main streets and visit the Gabriela Mistral Museum.

Afterward, you'll enjoy a delicious lunch and have the opportunity to visit a Pisco distillery. The tour ends in Pisco Elqui, a charming and picturesque village.


If you're a cycling enthusiast, don't miss the opportunity to explore the main tourist attractions of the Elqui Valley on an electric bike.

You'll be able to visit the picturesque villages of the valley, enjoy local crafts, taste local liquors, and marvel at the natural beauty of the surroundings and clear skies.

The bike paths are suitable for cycling, but remember to use proper equipment and wear a helmet for your safety.

The route covers a distance of 10 km and takes approximately 3 hours.

Take advantage of the daylight to immerse yourself in the wonderful nature this route offers.


How about enjoying relaxing natural hot springs in the heart of the Elqui Valley?

We invite you to take a short trek to reach the natural hot springs, where you can immerse yourself and connect with the pure energy of the valley.

These hot springs are characterized by their colorful waters and the surrounding vegetation endemic to the area.

Remember to visit them between December and April, avoiding periods of heavy rainfall and occasional snowfall.


Turismo Migrante offers a great experience for those who want to visit the Elqui Valley.

Starting from Cochiguaz Valley, you'll embark on a journey by car with an interpretive guide.

Once in the valley, you'll find Chilean horses and an expert guide who will accompany you throughout the ride. Horseback riding in this beautiful pre-cordillera scenery, crossing the Cochiguaz River, will be an adrenaline-filled experience in the midst of nature.

The tour includes an expert guide, with a duration of 2 hours.

If you prefer to explore this valley through an amazing trekking experience, where you'll have the opportunity to connect with the values of traditional culture and enjoy the pre-Andean nature, we offer a tour that starts with a multi-trail that will take you to a spring water source. The tour lasts for 4 hours plus 1 hour round-trip transportation. It also includes a guide, trekking poles, a snack, safety protocols, and the opportunity to bathe in the river.


Astronomy is a prominent activity in the Elqui Valley. Turismo Migrante stands out by offering a great service and experience to tourists and visitors who venture into astronomical observation, which can be witnessed from the mountains.

In the circular clay auditorium in O'Higgins, you'll be welcomed with a traditional local cocktail, an exquisite pisco, which marks the beginning of the pleasant and interesting explanatory talk about the southern sky. As the sun sets, you can witness the starry sky with the naked eye, guided by an astronomical expert. A telescope is available for each group member to have a better view of the Chilean sky, complete with stars. At the end of the evening, you'll receive a digital photo with a beautiful starry background. The activity lasts for 2 hours.

This great experience will make you feel close to the sky. Don't miss it, reserve your spot here!

BIKE DESCENT THROUGH THE ELQUI VALLEY: This activity is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and cycling fanatics, especially those who love cycling. It starts with a vehicle trip to the last village in the Elqui Valley, during which the guide will provide interpretations of the area, along with information about accessible and open places along the way.

Once you reach the destination, you'll be provided with mountain bikes (MPB) and safety equipment to ensure a descent without accidents or complications. The road is one-way, covering a distance of 15.5 kilometers, and you can choose your own route, as long as it includes the pre-designated stops pointed out by the guide, which have authorized access.

The journey takes approximately 4 hours, and at Turismo Migrante's agency, you'll find hydration points that should be used before embarking on this great activity. Without a doubt, it will be an unforgettable experience for outdoor and adventure lovers.

Don't miss the opportunity to discover the magic of the Elqui Valley in Chile! From the Pisco Route to the natural hot springs, the Gabriela Mistral Museum, and the astronomical experiences, this valley offers a variety of activities and astonishing landscapes. Prepare for your visit and immerse yourself in the beauty and unique energy of this enchanting place. Reserve your experiences now and start creating unforgettable memories in the Elqui Valley!


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